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Masks/Faces                              pictures published in 3/12 Lapidary Journal

Masks have been used through millennia in many cultures, often to convey good and evil. I have always been fascinated by the masks donned in performances to create recognizable characters in well known epics and plays, (particularly in Asia). I am as fascinated by the ‘masks’ that we don daily to live our lives. This is reflected in the series of ‘masks/faces’, an amalgam of the two. Exaggerated in my pieces are  flaws and lack of symmetry that give a face character, though the whole is still pleasing to the eye, sometimes ‘beautiful’.

The 1.5” – 2” long mixed-media pin/pendants, are one-of-a-kind, or part of a limited production series. The base is always sterling, with any combination of: 24/18/14 k gold, precious stones (sapphire), copper, brass, nickel, mokume gane, enamel, glass, beads, glitter, rubber, patinas, used material from my workbench and a protective finish.


Left - 'Goddess' Pendant/pin. Original.
Pure silver fused to copper, reticulated, 24k gold  kwum boo, patina, glitter, set in sterling silver, yellow sapphire, sterling and gold filled findings.

Right - 'Beauty' Pin/pendant. One of a kind
Sterling/mokume/18k gold/orange sapphire

Left -"Dressed Up"
Sterling, mokume, orange sapphire

Right - 'Flapper' Penant/pin. One of a kind
Sterling/mokume/orange sapphire/beads/findings/rubber finishing wheel

Left - 'Alien' Series. Pin/pendant
Sterling/sapphire/24k gold kwum boo

Right - 'Reverie' pendant. One of a kind
Sterling/copper/24k gold kwum boo/orange sapphire set in gold

Left - '2sidesofme' Pin/pendant. One of a kind
Sterling/mokume/sterling- 18k gold bimetal/findings/yellow sapphire

Right - 'Thoughtful' Pendant/pin. One of a kind
Sterling/mokume/copper/orange sapphire