eco-friendly hand crafted art jewelry

Atreyi** grew up in an extended family of analytical men and artistic women, schooled in both the arts and sciences. Born in India, she lived in various countries before becoming a US citizen. A technology professional who nurtured her passion for the arts with precious time squeezed between work and family, Atreyi was part of the corporate world for 25 years and had the good fortune to be bought out as the Chief Operating Officer of a distributorship. An empty nest allowed her to focus on her creativity and love of jewelry.

She enrolled in metalsmithing classes while selling her semi-precious stone and pearl jewelry through galleries in Westchester and Rockland. She immersed herself in learning techniques of metal work and then continued to experiment on her own at a shared studio in New York city. Her current lines are silver, 18k gold and precious stones, pearls and semi precious stone beads, tarnish resistant sterling leaf servers, and mixed metals – often with marriage of metals* and mokume* techniques in silver, copper, nickel, brass, and gold.

Atreyi designs and crafts each piece, drawing from patterns in nature and organic forms, filtered through the sensory prism of her life. She melds diverse elements, reflecting beauty, balance, flow, harmony – creating elegant wearable art for the woman who defines her own style. 

The jewelry is produced using eco-friendly processes and re-cycled material. Natural products are used for pickling, oxidizing and patinas. Fusing and lasers are used when possible in place of soldering. Textured precious metals are burnished and left polished to a low sheen.

After an year lost to breast cancer, Atreyi feels blessed being able to practice her craft and by the reaction to her lines. She is grateful to the many people who have helped and loves meeting her customers at retail shows .

 ** Atreyi is the ‘auspicious’ name given to Parbati Dasgupta by her grandfather based on the astrological chart at her birth.
* Marriage of metals is the technique of creating patterns with metal inlay or soldering together small pieces of different metals.
* Mokume is the Japanese technique of combining layers of different metals under heat and pressure then creating patterns of the metals by manipulating the resulting block (drilling, rolling, filing, hammering, twisting, sawing, etching etc).